Transportation to Contadora Island. best options

If you are looking for transportation options to Contadora Island, it is because it is in your plans to enjoy the wonders that this destination offers you.

Get ready to learn how to get to the incredible beaches and tourist attractions that Contadora Island has for you.

But I don’t want to start without first introducing myself…

I am Marianna Magi (Nana to friends) and I have prepared a simple but very practical guide for you where you will find how to get to the accountant without any inconvenience.

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To complete a formidable adventure you need to take care of every detail. However, there are many details that need to be attended to during a vacation trip.

But don’t worry… I’ve decided to make your itinerary easier and give you detailed information about the alternatives to comfortably transport you to Contadora… Let’s start.

A little more about Contadora Island

Contadora is an island located in the Pearl Archipelago, in the territorial waters of Panama, in the Pacific Ocean.  

This makes it ideal as a tourist destination in Panama, because in a few minutes from Panama City you can reach its paradisiacal environment.

The pearl archipelago houses beautiful places where tourists can enjoy unforgettable landscapes and extraordinary services.

However, of all the destinations that Las Perlas has for visitors, Contadora is the one that best suits today’s tourist.

Accommodation, food, entertainment and transportation services have been refined to receive without delay and complications all those who wish to enjoy its beaches and attractions.

Below I will explain in detail how to get to Contadora from Panama without difficulties:

Transportation Options to Contadora Island

Arriving quickly, comfortably and safely to your vacation spot is not an option… it’s a priority.

That is why you need to know the alternatives available to move to accountant without waiting too long and without compromising your enjoyment.

To transport yourself to Contadora Island (either alone or with your family) you have two options to choose from :

  1. You can hire a private aircraft that can take you from the most important cities in Panama to Contadora Island.
  2. Or you can also take the ferry that will allow you to get from Panama City to Contadora.

Then I explain the details of both alternatives:

Charter Flight to Contadora

A Charter flight to Contadora is, without a doubt, the most comfortable and direct alternative to reach the island without delay. It is a very balanced option between price and comfort, as it allows you to enjoy exclusive conditions that you could not otherwise achieve.

Some of the reasons to choose a private flight to Contadora are:

  • Speed: Aircraft travel from Panama to Contadora in just under 20 minutes, which translates into a short ride and more time for fun after arrival at your destination.
  • Security: Private flights are characterized by complying with rigorous security protocols that guarantee a smooth and trouble-free trip.
  • Exclusivity: This is an exclusive service with amenities that are planned to guarantee your comfort and enjoyment during the flight.
  • Personalized schedules: You can consult and choose the flight schedule that best suits you or that suits your vacation itinerary.
  • Flexible routes: You can not only take off from Panama City to Contadora Island, but also from other cities in the country.

Ferry a Contadora

The second option for transportation to the accountant is traveling by ferry…

It is a trip of about 2 hours from the coast of Panama City to the bay of Contadora Island.

It is a transport that you will have to share with other users and that you must board according to the established schedule.

Some of the characteristics of the ferry trip to Contadora are:

  • Longer travel time: You should plan your activities in Contadora keeping in mind that you will spend 2 hours one way and 2 hours back on the ferry.
  • You look at the landscape of the sea: As a point in favor you have the fact of enjoying an attractive seascape and living the experience of sailing to the island.
  • Lower price: Another advantage of this type of transport is that you can pay less than if you traveled in a private aircraft.
  • Little comfort: It is known that the comfort offered by the ferry to Contadora does not compare with the comfort of using a charter flight.
  • Strict departure times: You need to be at the departure port before 7:00 am to board the ferry. Otherwise you run the risk of running out of opportunity to go to Contadora.

Transportation within the Contadora Island

After reaching Contadora Island, you may find yourself needing to move from one place to another to visit its beaches and attractions.

I tell you in advance that many tourists decide to walk around the island because it is not such a wide geographical space to travel.

You can get from one beach to another or from your favorite beach to your hotel without having to travel long distances.

But if you do not want to walk, in some hotels they place small transports or motorcycles at your disposal that offer you comfort and speed within the island.

Everything will depend on your tastes and the activities you have planned for your day in Contadora.

If you want to visit other islands of the Las Perlas Archipelago, many fishermen will be willing to take you to see these island territories.

Conclusions on the transport to accountant

Getting from Panama to Contadora is not a problem… You can enjoy its tourist attractions with your family without any inconvenience.

However, I recommend that you book your flight or ferry ticket in advance so that your vacation is not abruptly interrupted.

I am Marianna Magi and I have just shown you the different transport options to Contadora . Do you already have a flight reservation to Contadora?

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