Honeymoon in Costa Rica

A honeymoon in Costa Rica is a fantastic decision for that romantic season with your partner.

Do you want to plan a spectacular honeymoon full of the most special and romantic moments?¬†Don’t worry…¬†¬†Costa Rica¬†is the best opportunity to make that dream come true.

It is very important to organize everything very well, to think about every detail so that nothing interrupts this special moment.

But before I introduce myself¬†…

My name is Mariana Magi (nana to friends) and I have put together a wonderful tour guide to the most fun and romantic activities in Costa Rica. Just what you are looking for for the desired honeymoon.

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Why honeymoon in Costa Rica?  

Costa Rica is a beautiful city that has different spectacular spaces ideal to enjoy and make the honeymoon unforgettable .

If you are a foreigner or Costa Rican, it will always be an excellent idea to decide on this city. The honeymoon will start like a dream that comes true from the first moment.

Below I describe the reasons for choosing this fantastic place :

  • Whether in the capital San Jos√© or any of its provinces, you will have excellent lodging services, gastronomy, among others.¬†That will allow them to feel pleased and comfortable.
  • It is a region that has various spaces adapted to the tastes of all lovers.
  • It has landscapes of incomparable vegetation that you cannot even imagine.¬†Ideal to spend romantic moments with the loved one.
  • It has a wonderful tropical climate that allows you to enjoy each experience in a more pleasant way.

The most romantic places for a honeymoon in Costa Rica

Currently the gifts that impact your partner is the quality time you spend with them. More than a gift or a bouquet of flowers, those moments when you feel that you are truly loved matter.

These moments are achieved when you are creative and dare to carry out and enjoy different meaningful activities that make you feel in paradise .

The following romantic activities are great for spending a honeymoon in Costa Rica and have just what you are looking for. Do not miss it…

Helicopter ride in San José, Costa Rica

A romantic helicopter ride is an excellent alternative when sharing unforgettable adventures with your partner. In San José, Costa Rica you can find romantic helicopter rides where you and your partner will have unlimited fun.

The tour lasts 30 minutes and the service includes an aerial tour of the main emblematic attractions of the city. You can take pictures on your own or hire a photographer to accompany you.

waterfall the fortune

The town of La Fortuna is characterized by being a quiet place with exuberant and dazzling vegetation. Ideal to achieve direct contact with nature. 

The most impressive thing is that you have 500 steps to go down to the base of the waterfall. Imagine yourself holding hands while you observe the perfection of that natural beauty in the eyes of the person you love so much.

The waterfall reaches a spectacular pool where they can swim and relax. It is beautiful to observe the whole place from there and share all those feelings and sensations of freedom together.

Sunset in Santa Teresa

Here is one of the best beaches to spend a honeymoon in Costa Rica… located to the south of the Nicoya Peninsula . It is very visited for its waves, ideal for surfers.

It has a unique characteristic of having one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city . You can enjoy it walking cuddling along the shore feeling the soft sand on your feet and then sit down to watch the sunset.

Hike through the leaf forest

The forest is located near San José surrounded by abundant vegetation, fresh mountain air and 4 km completely covered with dry leaves. The sounds of nature fill your spirit with incomparable peace.

You cannot miss the opportunity to explore its surroundings together, observe how the leaves fall, lie down on them, run, play and let your imagination and creativity flourish to enjoy love in this magical place .

The place has a ranch and ideal chairs to organize a picnic with your loved one, cook something delicious together, such as a barbecue.

Spa and hot springs in Tabacon

It is located in the Fortuna sector of San Carlos. It has gardens, beautiful trails and, above all, its hot springs, making it one of the most famous in the city.

Here you can relax as a couple swimming in the hot waters that come from the waterfalls, receive a spectacular therapeutic massage and discover its beauties.

You have the option to stay and be part of a romantic night under the dim lights that contrast with the pool.

Guacalillo Rock

It is located in Puntarenas and you can get there by car… it is a super romantic place with an incredible view, starry sky and you can hear the sound of the waves.¬†Everything you need for a honeymoon in Costa Rica.

You can enjoy it with a bottle of champagne with the love of your life.

These rides are super cool and there is still much more. Do not leave without the following recommendations:

Final tips for your honeymoon in Costa Rica

In addition to telling you about the destinations to go to on your honeymoon in Costa Rica, I want to tell you about the tips to take into account for this adventure:

  • Make your wedding planning in time, especially the honeymoon.¬†Take note of every detail so you don’t miss anything and you don’t have any inconvenience.
  • I recommend that you manage your hotel reservations, flights, among others, in advance.¬†So that the trip takes place on the desired date.
  • Check that you have what you need to travel, luggage, appropriate clothing, medications and everything you are going to need.
  • If you plan to make the trip in the coming months, check the health protocols required by the city so that you are up to date.
  • Leave everything in your home and work resolved so that you leave without any type of concern and give everything of yourself to be happy with that special person.

Isn’t it magical to live your honeymoon in this spectacular region?¬†It is much more than you imagined.¬†Without a doubt, it is worth giving everything to be happy with the person you love.

They are moments that are priceless and make your life meaningful. Surrender the most intimate of your being and begin to be part of the other, is the perception of love in the world.

I am Mariana Magi and I am at your disposal… if you need advice , do not hesitate to contact me and thus plan the best  honeymoon in Costa Rica.

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