Honeymoon in Panama. Best places, activities, itinerary

A honeymoon in Panama can be a very pleasant and unforgettable experience if you have timely information and a good itinerary.

One of the most pleasant experiences that can be lived as a couple is a honeymoon. That is why you cannot take the organization of this event lightly.

Before we start with this guide‚Ķ let’s do the introductions

I am Marianna Magi (Nana to friends) and I will tell you about the fantastic activities you can do if you plan a honeymoon in Panama.

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I will explain step by step the different options for enjoyment, recreation and romance in the Panamanian environment and¬†how to book each activity¬†so you don’t waste time.

You stay with me? Go…

Is a honeymoon in Panama worth it?

Whether you are a Panamanian resident or a visitor, a honeymoon in this region will always be a good alternative.

There are many reasons to choose Panama as an optimal destination for a romantic evening. Its pleasant and cozy atmosphere offers the peaceful environment that every newlywed couple needs.

But, on the other hand, its varied options for entertainment and its wonderful services place this country and its capital city in an alternative that is difficult to rule out.

I’ll tell you right away why¬†many lovers and newlyweds go to Panama for their honeymoon:

  • Diversity of options:¬†In Panama you will find a number of options to enjoy on your honeymoon.¬†That is why both members of the couple can feel satisfied according to their tastes.
  • Good services:¬†Whatever destination you choose within Panama or its islands… you will always find good services to make your stay a pleasant experience.
  • Exuberant landscapes:¬†Each destination (urban or natural) within Panama offers you captivating landscapes and settings for a romantic evening of newlyweds.
  • Balanced prices:¬†You won’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your honeymoon in Panama City or its provinces.¬†With a modest budget you can spend incredible moments.
  • Perfect climate:¬†At any time of the year you can visit Panama with your partner and you will realize that the climate is very stable.¬†Neither too hot nor too mild.

What to see and do during a honeymoon in Panama?

I already told you why every day more people prefer Panama as their favorite destination for a honeymoon.

Now‚Ķ without further delay‚Ķ¬†I will show you the options you have at your disposal¬†when visiting Panama in the company of your husband or wife as newlyweds.¬†Let’s start…

Explore Panama City

The capital of Panama offers great alternatives for a romantic walk in commemoration of marriage.¬†If you already know Panama City you will know what I am talking about‚Ķ but if it is your first time in the city¬†you are about to find many surprises¬†.¬†I’ll tell you right away:

It is a city that combines the modern with the traditional, with different options to enjoy its gastronomy and heritage (to such an extent that they may run out of time)

  • Enjoy its gastronomy:¬†Panamanian gastronomy is very rich and in its capital you can try many of the typical dishes of the area, such as beans, rice with chicken, corn tortillas and seafood.
  • Tour the old town:¬†Since 2003, the old town of Panama has been part of the world heritage of humanity.¬†A splendid area, full of history, memories and amazing architectural designs, ideal for a couple.
  • Visit the Plaza de la Independencia:¬†In this plaza Panama declared its independence from Colombia and from there it becomes an emblematic place for the Panamanian people and for all the tourists who come.¬†A magical place to share on honeymoon.
  • Get to know the church and complex of Santo Domingo:¬†If during your honeymoon in Panama you want to visit a magical place, full of spirituality, you need to see the ruins of this fantastic ecclesiastical complex that will leave you with very good memories.
  • Visit Old Panama:¬†The first European settlement on the American mainland is in what is now known as ‚ÄúOld Panama‚ÄĚ.¬†It is an ideal place to take wonderful photographs and thus treasure valuable memories of your honeymoon.

Helicopter ride over Panama City

Without a doubt, a helicopter ride over Panama City is the favorite option for those who want to mix adventure with romance.

It consists of a 30-minute ride in a specially equipped helicopter for the comfort and safety of the couple.

You fly over the city enjoying a splendid view while you share with your partner and show your love at every moment.

Don’t worry about the photographs… in the helicopter there is a photographer who will be in charge of collecting these pleasant moments with your partner in mid-flight.

After the flight you will have the possibility to enjoy delicious snacks such as the delicious Sushark sushi.

You should know that it is not a random aerial view but rather a planned walk where you will be able to see the most emblematic places of the city from above.

Visit the San Blas Islands

The paradisiacal beaches may be the option you are looking for to spend your honeymoon in the Panamanian region. If so, visiting the San Blas islands is splendid for your plans.

These islands are surrounded by wonderful and colorful beaches, with calm waters and a relaxing atmosphere.

And you can do many things when visiting these beaches… everything will depend on your preferences and those of your partner.

You can take a relaxing bath in the sea waters, look at the enchanting landscape, walk along the shore or let yourself be enveloped by the sound of the wind and waves.

Being in San Blas you must locate a private cabin to stay the night and leave your things while you enjoy the region.

 The truth is that you will find many options to eat and enjoy the gastronomy of the coasts at a balanced price.

Bocas del Toro Archipelago

If what you are looking for is a quiet environment, without the hustle and bustle of the city, and with a beautiful landscape to be in Panama on your honeymoon, the Bocas del Toro Archipelago should be on your agenda.

In fact, many of the most popular beaches in the country are located in this region…

Fantastic right?…

This is thanks to being a little urbanized region but with good services and that has given priority to the attractions that nature provides.

During your tour of Bocas del Toro you can visit its three main islands and discover magnificent attractions.

These islands are Bastimentos, Isla Colón, and Isla Carenero…

The Caribbean atmosphere that is lived in this region transmits a lot of enthusiasm to tourists and makes good weather always reign for the enjoyment of beach, sun and sand.

One of the most visited places is Playa Estrella, where the tropical vegetation reaches almost to the beach, offering a splendid contrast at any time.

For an exciting experience as a couple, I recommend the highly praised “Bah√≠a de los Delfines” where, with a bit of luck, you will be able to photograph some of these aquatic mammals.

Enjoy Contadora Island

One of the islands with the greatest tourist potential thanks to its good services, its beautiful landscapes and its easy access is Contadora Island .

Like other areas of Panama, it offers many alternatives for romantic enjoyment.

The beaches are its main attraction , the most recognized being Playa Ejecutiva, Playa Cacique, Playa Galeón, and Playa Larga.

However, it’s not all about being on the beach and enjoying its magical atmosphere… you can also look at the ruins of the old Contadora Hotel and take a look at the abandoned ferry on its shores.

The vegetation and fauna are special attractions for those couples who enjoy nature and living beings on each trip. A cozy, comfortable, quiet and attractive place for a honeymoon in Panama

Navigate the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a passage built for the connection between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic allowing the transit of ships.

It is possible to enjoy a walk through this channel on a journey of 80 kilometers with your partner , living the experience of going from one ocean to another in a few hours.

In addition to the exuberant infrastructure that you will see on the tour, you have the opportunity to observe the nature of the region.

You will know the history of this construction while you find extraordinary places on your route such as Gatun Lake, a natural wonder of the region.

Tips to keep in mind during your honeymoon in Panama

If you already know your next destination in Panama to enjoy on your honeymoon, then you have taken a big step.

But everything does not end here…

There is still a series of tips¬†that I want to give you so that your romantic journey is a success.¬†Let’s continue‚Ķ

  • Plan before the wedding:¬†Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your activities and itinerary for your honeymoon.¬†Just as you have planned every detail of the wedding, you must also include the organization of your honeymoon.¬†Rushing is never good when it comes to travel.
  • Advance your reservations:¬†On some occasions, seats for flights and hotels may be in high demand.¬†That is why the best idea is to anticipate your reservations and thus have everything under control.
  • Carry the necessary luggage:¬†You do not need to carry a large luggage to enjoy a romantic evening.¬†Check carefully the hand luggage you need and wear a comfortable outfit that allows you mobility and freshness.
  • Leave everything resolved at home:¬†It is better to leave your issues resolved at home or at work so as not to bring worries to your honeymoon.¬†Pay your bills, leave everything covered for the rest of your family, complete pending work and go out and enjoy with nothing on your mind.
  • Choose the best times:¬†According to the activities you have chosen for your honeymoon, find out about the best times for each attraction.¬†In this way you will be able to enjoy each tourist attraction at the moment of greatest emotion and effervescence.
  • Disconnect and enjoy:¬†It is great to share your moments on social networks so that your friends and family can see how much fun you have.¬†But more important is sharing the now with your partner, so take a break from everything technological and enjoy quality moments with that person you love without distractions in between.

This is my list of recommendations and tips to enjoy a honeymoon in Panama that lives up to your expectations. Do you have any questions or comments about it? Do you need someone to prepare the itinerary for you? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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