What to see in San José Capital of Costa Rica

Many people wonder what to see in San José, the capital of Costa Rica… and the ideal place to live the best experiences of your life is undoubtedly here in San José, Costa Rica . It has everything you are looking for to relax and have fun to the fullest.

My name is Mariana Magi… and for you nana . I have prepared an excellent tourist material about the wonders of San José that you will love. 

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Precautions to start your trip

Before learning what to see in San José Capital of Costa Rica, it is very important that you have everything you need to avoid any inconvenience along the way. If you are from another country do not forget the following:

  • Acquire your round trip ticket or continuation of the trip.
  • The passport must be valid.
  • Have your economic budget adjusted to your activities and stay in the country.
  • Review the list of countries that require a visa to request it in time.
  • Be up to date with your vaccination card, especially with those of Covid19, your last dose must be applied 14 days before the trip.
  • You can request your vaccination QR code so that you have better attention when making your purchase.
  • Everyone without exception must obtain their health pass available at:¬†https://salud.go.cr¬†.¬†Which is requested missing 72 hours for the trip.
  • ¬†It is important that you bring your own first aid kit since in Costa Rica it is required to have a certified prescription to obtain the medications.

With everything ready, you just need to know how to get to this majestic place.

How to go to San Jose, Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica, being located in Central America, is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, either by air, land or sea.

San José is the capital of Costa Rica, located in the entire center of the country on the Central Valley intervolcanic plateau. It is characterized by being the most important Costa Rican territory.

You have three options to get to this beautiful city, I will describe them below:

By plane

Most of the world’s airlines have this travel route.¬†The most accessible international airport is Juan Santamar√≠a, which is the main one and is located in the city of Alajuela, about 18 km from San Jos√©.

This travel option gives you the opportunity to reach your destination much faster , enjoying the splendid aerial view, apart from the fact that you will enjoy better attention and comfort.

On Cruises

You can live this wonderful experience in the ocean by being part of these offers that are available to you from many companies.

There are two ports where these fantastic cruise ships disembark.

Puerto Caldera located in the Caldera district of the canton of Esparza in the province of Puntarenas. It stands out for being the largest and most significant in the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica.

Puerto Limón in the Limón province on the Caribbean Sea.

Let yourself be carried away by this majestic maritime landscape that shakes your soul and fills you with an inexplicable peace .

By car

When traveling by land you will find one of¬†the three borders that exist¬†in Costa Rica: Pe√Īas Blancas, border with Nicaragua, Paso Canoas, and Sixaola, border with Panama.

Choose your best option and enjoy the magical places that this city offers. Remember that before knowing what to see in San José Capital of Costa Rica, it is necessary to guarantee a comfortable transportation option.

What to see in San Jose, Costa Rica

Did you know that San José is one of the cities with the most tourist attractions in Central America? It receives more than 1.5 million visits a year.

It has the most significant cultural heritage in the country , architectural riches, first class gastronomy, spectacular accommodations and very attractive tourist sites to have fun. The main ones are:

National Theater of Costa Rica

It has been declared a national monument and has neoclassical architecture with baroque decorations that make an impact and make the viewer recreate their imagination.

It has a beautiful metal dome that was made in Belgium and not to mention the painting that decorates the ceiling of the main staircase, nothing more and nothing less than a work by the Italian Aleardo Villa.

There are also other beautiful theaters in the city such as: Varieties, Popular Mélico Salazar, among others. Where you can enjoy cultural acts.

National Museum of Costa Rica


Located in the Bellavista Barracks, it has several exhibition halls, where pre- Columbian history is highlighted and more than 800 pre-Hispanic objects are observed.

It also has a Guanacaste colonial room, house of the commanders, library. Spaces that protect the history of San José with impressive architectural beauty.

There are other important museums such as the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, where more than 1600 pieces of gold are exhibited that date back to between 500 and 1500 BC.

La Sabana Metropolitan Park

I keep showing you options on what to see in San José Capital of Costa Rica … The La Sabana Metropolitan Park is a beautiful place with 72Ha of surface located to the west of the city in Mata Redonda.

It has a large spectacular lake surrounded by beautiful vegetation with a variety of trees such as cypress, eucalyptus, yellow bark, among others.

It has leisure areas for recreation, courts to practice sports. As well as it has a swimming pool and a canopy that can be seen in the surroundings.

Simon Bolivar Zoological Park

It is located in the district of Carmen to the northwest of San José, you can observe in the great variety of animals that you always dreamed of knowing.

It has a totally crystalline lagoon and a botanical garden that preserves the country’s flora.

There are other spectacular parks in this city such as: Central, Spain, La Dolorosa, Merced, Morazán, Nacional and a wonderful amusement park . They are all great with a view that falls in love.

traditional markets

One of the alternatives to see in San José Capital of Costa Rica is its traditional markets. In different parts of the city you will find different folk and commercial markets that offer you cultural beauties of the country that are quite a temptation.

If you are looking for a special souvenir to take back to your country, these spaces have everything you need.

Isn’t this city fantastic?¬†and there is still much more to know.¬†Come and enjoy these wonders.

I am Mariana Magi and I told you what to see in San José Capital of Costa Rica . Do not wait any longer and visit this region. If you still have doubts , contact me…

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