What to see and do in Playa Tambor in Costa Rica?

What to see and do in Playa Tambor in Costa Rica… Playa Tambor in Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make in your life to spend some spectacular days. Its natural beauty and attractions will make you live unforgettable experiences.

I’m Mariana Magi (nana for friends) and I invite you to join us on a fantastic tour of this magnificent creation.

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Planning the trip of your dreams in Playa Tambor Costa Rica

Plan ahead of time so you can spend some great days without any inconvenience. If you are from another country, the following recommendations are for you .

  • Check your valid passport.
  • Stay up to date on the countries that require a visa so you can get it on time.
  • Buy your round trip ticket or continuation of the trip.
  • Missing 72 hours for the trip, you must get your health pass online by filling out the form individually.
  • Check your economic budget according to the activities and the time you will spend away from home.
  • Have your vaccination card ready where the Covid19 ones are included.¬†If you miss the last dose, you must apply it at least 14 days before your trip.
  • Finally, check that you have everything you need: beachwear, medications, sunscreen, among others.

What a thrill!…. you are more than ready to go on this fantastic adventure

How to get to Tambor Beach

Drum beach is characterized as one of the most significant tourist sites of the Pacific in the country.

It is located in the city of Costa Rica towards the south of the Nicoya Peninsula , in the district of Cobano and the Province of Puntarenas.

If you are a foreigner, your first objective will be to get to the San José airport in Costa Rica, accessible from any international departure point.

Once in the capital of Costa Rica you must choose between 3 available options to get to Tambor beach:

By bus

I tell you that it is one of the most uncomfortable ways to travel to Tambor beach in Costa Rica.

It is the option that will take you the longest (almost 5 hours ) and you will not have the comforts that a tourist in search of adventure deserves.

Even so, it is the cheapest option considering that in high season you can run out of seats.

by car

Another option when arriving at Tambor beach from San José, Costa Rica is by renting a car.

It is possible to rent a car near the airport and then take a direct trip to the beach.

The time this trip takes is less than by bus because there are not so many stops and you can have control of the car.

However, a rental car is not always available , and the problem is that you will have to drive it yourself.

on a private flight

From the capital of Costa Rica you can book a private flight with a private airline or a local flight operator.

It is a satisfying experience to travel to Tambor beach in a private aircraft…

In less than 2 hours you have the opportunity to be on the beach enjoying its attractions and amenities.

In addition, it is a very comfortable trip where you will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying the scenery and relaxing until you reach your destination.

Tambor Beach Beauties

The beach comes from the whale bay that is very beautiful identified with an incomparable marine ecosystem. Ideal for diving, fishing and snorkeling.

The climate of the region is tropical with temperatures of 26 and 28 ¬įC, making it possible to appreciate exuberant vegetation with a great variety of species around the beach.

In the afternoon you can not miss the sunset is a movie moment that shakes you. See how the sun goes down, contrasting with various colors that captivate.

The water is totally crystal clear with gentle waves and clear sands, being a suitable place to relax and find the peace that you have always longed for.

Low tide allows you to play sports on the shore such as soccer and beach volleyball. If you also prefer the space is ideal for swimming.

Other beach attractions

The Tambor town where the beach is located also has other activities to  have fun to the fullest . I describe them below:

  • Visit the Fidelito ranch, a beautiful farm that has a unique natural environment with wide spectacular spaces.
  • In this farm you will find the P√°nica River delighting you with exotic birds, monkeys, anteaters, coatis, different reptiles, butterflies, crocodiles, among others.
  • It gives you the opportunity to ride in the western style that allows you to ride on horseback throughout the town of Tambourine, its beaches and surroundings.¬†Imagine yourself feeling a sense of absolute freedom.
  • There are organizations in the town of Tambor that plan impressive rides.¬†Guiding you to unimaginable places such as riding under a full moon, it certainly has no comparison.
  • Visit the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve where you become passionate about the importance of environmental care and enjoy practicing on the golf courses.
  • Do not leave without visiting the Montezuma Falls, which are a universe of charm and represent one of the main attractions of the Nicoya Peninsula.
  • Night walk in the Manuel Antonio area ideal for people who love to explore the darkness of a tropical jungle.¬†Guided by an excellent naturalist guide.

Services near the beach

Facing the coast you will find the hotel complex of the Barceló group with excellent services. Well-equipped rooms at affordable prices.

You can opt for the Fidelito inn located 4 km from Tambor,   it has more varieties to stay, houses, apartments, spacious rooms, among others.

You have at your disposal Lucero Surt that offers you vacation packages with accommodation from three nights, yoga lessons in the mornings, restaurant, swimming pool, tropical view of the Pacific, therapeutic massage and much more.

The beach has a boat rental service where you can visit the other nearby beaches and enjoy the routes to watch the whales.

In the town of Tambor there are supermarkets, car rentals, souvenir shops and tour operators. Everything you need for your stay.

How fantastic is this place in Costa Rica! Do not wait any longer and dare to enjoy these unforgettable experiences.

I am Mariana Magi and I described to you what to see and do at Playa Tambor in Costa Rica . I look forward to your visit. If you have any questions contact me.

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