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Do you love new sensations, adventures and doing different things? Then you will be thrilled to go on a helicopter ride.

Sky Ride offers the opportunity to enjoy new and memorable experiences in a unique private helicopter tour. Each ride is one-of-a-kind, and it comes with luxury services. In addition, you can request specific rides for special occasions.

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¿Charter Helicopter Rides: Are They Worth It?

1. It’s A Comfortable And Luxurious Experience

Flying on a private luxury helicopter is a premium experience. You can enjoy the privacy and comfort that this type of tour provides.

In addition, the experience that you will have at Sky Ride is one-of-a-kind. Depending on the ride you choose, you can enjoy some incredible benefits such as our VIP lounge, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and TV before boarding the helicopter, among other amenities.

2. You Won’t Waste Your Time With Long Queues

Waiting in long queues can make anyone feel stressed and frustrated. Why wasting your time when you have the privilege of enjoying the lounge for a few minutes and then boarding your charter helicopter right away?

By travelling on a charter helicopter, you don’t have to arrive two hours earlier, as it usually happens in traditional flights: arriving just 15 minutes before is more than enough.

3. You Have Exclusive Access To The Most Beautiful Views

Helicopters fly below commercial aircraft, which allows you to see the most beautiful views. Besides, you won’t have to deal with small windows or other passengers blocking your sight. Flying on a charter helicopter grants you the best scenery you will ever see!

Additionally, since a helicopter can stay still in one place, you have the opportunity to take pictures of the most spectacular panoramas.

4. An Unforgettable Experience For Your Special Someone

If you are thinking of living the most unforgettable moment next to a special someone in your life, there’s nothing better than a tour in a luxury charter helicopter. Choosing Sky Ride to give a gift to your loved one can make this experience unique and memorable. 

Sky Ride offers you the opportunity to give the gift of unique moments with our Special Occasion Tours. Make your marriage proposal unforgettable with our “The Sky Ride Helicopter Proposal” tour, or dare to have a unique date night with Sky Ride’s “Romantic Ride”.

Choose Your Ride

Explore each charter helicopter tour that are offered at Sky Ride. Don’t miss the opportunity to live this luxurious experience!

Panama City Helicopter Ride

Tour the city and fly over the Pacific Ocean in a spectacular private helicopter with panoramic windows. Enjoy unique views of the majestic Panama Canal from the sky.

This tour is perfect for those who want to see Panama from above. The contrast between the modernity of the city and the historical area of Panama provides a privileged view.

Helicopter characteristics: Robinson for 3 passengers, with panoramic windows and average speed of 160 km/h.

Other benefits: VIP lounge with drinks, high speed Wi-Fi and TV.

If you want to enjoy the views of the city in a shorter time, book our 20-minute ride over Amador and the Panama Canal.

The Sky Ride Helicopter Proposal

Thanks to this ride, your marriage proposal will be an unforgettable moment- a memory that will stay with you and your partner forever.

The romantic experience, the decoration, the emotions and the surprise that fill this magical day make this helicopter ride special and one-of-a-kind. After enjoying the best views of the city, the helicopter will land in a special place for you to make your proposal. Your partner will say YES!

Helicopter features: Robinson, with panoramic windows.

Benefits: Video recording of the entire experience. Every moment will be immortalized, so you can remember it forever!

Romantic ride

Have the best date ever with a 30-minute helicopter ride over Panama City. Dazzle your partner with an outing that will keep the flame burning.

Benefits: Photographer to capture the best moments of the date: before, during and after the ride; Casa Casco VIP card with lifetime benefits, Sushark sushi for after the flight.

Ocean To Ocean Ride

Enjoy the best views of Panama from coast to coast. This helicopter ride travels over the entire country from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

You will enjoy the Pacific Coast and the majestic buildings that surround it. Then you will travel all the way through the Panama Canal to the Atlantic, where you will be able to observe spectacular natural landscapes from the sky. 

The trip goes through the locks of the Panama Canal, in Colon, where you will be able to enjoy the spectacular Caribbean beaches.

If you want to enjoy this same tour with more friends, book a flight in a VIP helicopter for 5 passengers, or a Premium helicopter for 6.

No matter which ride you choose, each of our tours will guarantee you have the unique experience. Enjoy the most spectacular views that only a Sky Ride flight can give you.

No matter which ride you choose, each of our tours will guarantee you have the unique experience. Enjoy the most spectacular views that only a Sky Ride flight can give you.

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