Activities what to do in Contadora Island

Still don’t know what to do on Contadora Island this season? It’s okay… you’ve come to the right place.

I have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to know everything about this fantastic destination.

But first of all… the introductions

I’m Marianna Magi (Marianna to friends ) and I want to show you what to see and do in Contadora on your next visit.

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Whether you have already visited the island or it is your first trip, this entry is essential for you.

I will tell you in detail everything that Contadora has for your fun and recreation (always thinking about your safety and budget)

Every visit to a tourist spot promises satisfying and unforgettable adventures… and your trip to Contadora should be no exception.

So let’s begin…

What do I need to go to Contadora Island?

Before knowing what to do in Contadora Island, you need to be sure that you meet all the requirements for this visit.

(If you are already in Panama you can skip this section)

If you are a Panamanian citizen or resident in Panama, you do not need any special documentation to carry out your excursion. But if you visit Contadora from another country you will have to meet these requirements:

  • Tourist visa: To visit Contadora Island as a tourist you need a tourist visa that authorizes your stay for a set period of time. The application is through the Panamanian consulate in your country and will depend on the conditions agreed for your region.
  • Ticket or return ticket or continuation of the trip: When entering Panama you will need to show your ticket to return home or to continue your route to verify that you have everything under control.
  • Required economic solvency: You will have to present your current economic solvency according to the activities and days that you will remain in the country.
  • Valid passport: It is important to present your valid passport to the immigration authorities in order to enter the country without problems.  
  • Proof of hotel reservation: On some occasions, immigration officials may request a hotel reservation when entering the country.

How to get to Contadora?

Contadora Island belongs to the pearl archipelago that is located about 36 miles from Panama.

Therefore, being in Panama City you are close to completing your journey to this wonderful tourist destination.

There are two valid options to get to Contadora from Panama City. Then I describe the transportation alternatives to Contadora Island:

By ferry

Through a ferry trip you can get to Contadora Island, of course taking some forecasts regarding travel schedules and conditions.

Advantages of going by ferry to Contadora

  • Lowest price: The price of a ferry ride to Contadora is on average $90 round trip. It is a cheaper option than the private flight.
  • You can look at the seascape: If you love the waves and looking at the sea, then the ferry is a good opportunity to live a beautiful experience.

Disadvantages of ferry travel

  • Strict schedules: The ferry runs counter at 7:00 am and is back at 3:30 pm so you cannot travel according to your own schedule or planning.
  • The travel time is longer: It is a trip of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you will have less time to enjoy the counter.
  • You may run out of seats: In times of high season the ferry seats tend to fill up quickly.
  • The services are not exclusive: It is a trip without exclusive services such as drinks or snacks included in the tour.

On a private flight

A very attractive option that is becoming more and more popular among tourists visiting Contadora are private flights.

It consists of hiring a private jet that takes you to Contadora at the time you want and in conditions that are more adapted to your comfort.

Advantages of a private flight to Contadora

  • A quick trip: In a private jet you can get to the accountant in less than 20 minutes.
  • You enjoy an aerial tour: Flying from Panama to Contadora is an incredible experience because you have the opportunity of an aerial view of the Gulf of Panama and the island.
  • Greater comfort: You will have a comfortable and safe trip, which adapts to your needs and your itinerary.
  • Exclusive attention: You will be treated in a wonderful way and you will have exclusive services before and during the flight.

Disadvantages of using a private flight

  • The price is higher: The prices of a private plane exceed those of the ferry trip but are well justified by the advantages that this service offers.

Now you know how to get to Contadora Island quickly and comfortably… choose your preferred travel option and start your adventure.

What to see in Contadora?

Everything is ready for you to start discovering places and activities of interest on Contadora Island.

The fauna and flora of Contadora, as well as its beaches, are very interesting attractions that will make your experience rewarding.

Let me tell you everything this destination has for you and your family this season:

Galeon Beach

For tourists who arrive by ferry to Contadora Island, this is the first beach with which they will have interaction.

It is a small but very beautiful beach , known for being the arrival point for boats.

In high season this beach is quite crowded, however, in general season there are not many tourists enjoying this bay.

Few tourists stay there due to the desire to explore more regions of the island and in search of better accommodation and food services.

Cacique Beach

For those looking for a more crowded beach, with excellent services and nearby hotels, there is Cacique beach in Contadora . Despite not being a very large beach… it is great to spend a pleasant time with the family.

It is possible to rent an umbrella and choose a favorite place to lie down to enjoy the scenery. Its soft sand and calm waters provide you with an atmosphere of peace and relaxation that you will endlessly appreciate.

The landscape of this beach is made up of a layer of uniform sand that, at the ends of the beach, intermingles with rocky areas where you can watch a beautiful sunset.

Executive Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet on the island, with a gentle wind that moves the palm trees and transmits peace throughout the day.

You can combine the sun’s rays with the shade of the palm trees in a wonderful way and thus feel comfortable according to your preferences.

Its waves are gentle so you can enter the water sure that no wave that is too strong will disturb the moment.

Long Beach

It is the turn of the largest beach on Contadora Island (and probably the most beautiful)

The combination of colors that allow the changes of the tide throughout the day offers you a very emotional experience.

You can stroll along Playa Larga in Contadora and enjoy its soft, light-colored sand.

Its panoramic view is exceptional… and an old abandoned ferry is stranded here, giving the bay a mysterious touch.

Hotel Contadora Ruins

In addition to the beautiful beaches that you can visit on Contadora Island… there are tourist attractions with a historical character that will surprise you.

A fantastic option is to visit the ruins of the Hotel Contadora in Playa Larga.

There are many tourists who come in search of adventure and places full of mystery and are attracted by the ruins of this hotel.

A hotel that in its glory years served as accommodation for a large number of tourists and celebrities who came to visit the island.  

Today you can take a walk around its surroundings and recreate in your imagination what this hotel was like in its time of operation.

Other activities to do in Contadora Island

If you thought that everything would end there, then I’ll tell you that there are still many things to do on Contadora Island on your next visit.

For those who are looking for more emotional adventures and want to be in full movement during their visit to the accountant… I have prepared an exclusive list:


If you like wildlife and photography, you can combine both activities in a very fun way on the island. Contadora has a very diverse fauna, typical of this Central American region.

One of the most attractive species on the island are the iguanas. Some of multiple colors that resemble marine tones at different times of the day.

There is a great diversity of birds accessible for a good photograph. You can achieve beautiful contrasts if you decide to photograph wildlife at sunrise or sunset.

Diving or snorkeling

Lovers of diving and snorkeling love the calm beaches with crystal clear waters like those of Isla Contadora. All of the island’s beaches and coves are suitable for shallow underwater exploration.

Get your gear ready and embark on the adventure touring the clean bottom of the beaches and enjoying the wonderful colors that only the crystal clear waters of Contadora allow you.

virgin islands

From Contadora you can take a short boat ride to explore small uninhabited islands but with incredible tourist potential.

The Las Perlas archipelago is full of small virgin islands with very beautiful landscapes and which you can reach from Contadora without any problem.

In the beaches of Contadora you will find boat owners who will be happy to offer you this ride for an affordable price.

whale watching

In addition to visiting the virgin islands, another thing to do in Contadora is to watch the whales that come to the beach.

But not all year…

The ideal season for whale watching on Contadora Island is between the months of July and October.

Whale watching tours are organized on the island where you can go out in search of these wonderful animals from a safe boat.

Without a doubt, a fascinating experience…

Where to sleep in Contadora Island?

In a tourist adventure you cannot miss a good place to rest, organize your things and review the entire itinerary.

Fortunately, Contadora has comfortable and safe hotels where you can sleep without problems at the end of your fun day.

Here are the recommended options:

  • Perla Real Inn: It is a hotel that is very well located on the island and from which you can get to any beach without delay. Each room can accommodate up to 2 people. It is a very cheap alternative.
  • B&B Gerald’s: This is an option with very good ratings by guests who have used it. Its view is fantastic and it connects a lot with nature.
  • La romantica: A beautiful and very well organized hotel to which you will always want to return. Breakfast is included with accommodation.
  • Les Blanc Villas: from this hotel you can quickly access the beach and have services that provide you with fun and comfort, such as a restaurant and bar.

What to eat in Contadora?

A trip to a paradisiacal place cannot be complete without a food routine that keeps you nourished and satisfied.

The food in Contadora is very varied and will depend on the type of restaurant you prefer to go to.

From the moment you arrive in Contadora (either by plane or by ferry) you will be able to look at some restaurants with interesting menus.

I advise you to consult the type of food that each place sells so that you can make the right choice.

You will find typical foods of the region that allow you to taste the local gastronomy and enjoy the experience.

But there are also more common options that suit your palate and are great for the whole family.

I assure you that in Contadora you will have no problem finding fantastic places to eat.

How to get around in Contadora?

It is quite easy to walk around the whole island because it is not such a big place. The island is approximately 3 kilometers in size, but the main tourist attractions are in an area of ​​just over 2 kilometers.

However, in many hotels you can get small transports that will allow you to make quick trips while you discover what to do in Contadora.


Fun time needs to be managed very carefully.

A trip to Contadora Island is an excellent decision that will provide you with experiences that are hard to forget.

I leave you this final table with the quick accesses to the most important reservation sites for a satisfactory adventure:

  • Best Flight Deals to Contadora
  • Book your hotel in Contadora in a few clicks
  • Enjoy a romantic helicopter tour in Panama
  • See more tips about tourism in Panama

I hope that my advice will help you to fully enjoy your trip and that your desire to return to the island will increase constantly.

I’m Marianna Magi and I just showed you what to do in Contadora Island … Tell me, when are you coming?

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