Cacique Beach in Contadora. a true paradise

Do you want to spend some unforgettable days on the beach and do not know which place to choose? Playa Cacique on Contadora Island is an option that will make your dream come true.

Next I will show you an excellent tourist guide about everything related to this wonderful place.

First of all, you care that we get to know each other…

My name is Mariana Magi (but you can call me Nana) and I want to explain in detail what you can do, live and experience in the beautiful Playa Cacique Contadora.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first visit or if you already know it… each experience is unique in this magical place.

It’s time for us to start this adventure…

Suggestions that you cannot forget before making your trip

First of all, keep in mind that this majestic place is located near Panama City. It is important that you take all the precautions, especially if you come from another country.

You must be up to date with the valid passport so that you do not have problems with the immigration authorities.

Have your economic solvency adjusted with the days you will stay in the country.

Buy the ticket for one way, return or continuation of the trip.

If your stay on the island is only for tourism, you must have your tourist visa . This will authorize your time spent in the city.

With all the requirements ready, start your fantastic trip knowing how to get to Playa Cacique Contadora.

Let’s see together the travel route…

How to get to Playa Cacique Contadora

Playa Cacique is one of the paradisiacal places on Contadora Island, which is located about 36 miles from Panama.

This beach is located in the district of Portobelo , a small town on the coast towards the province of Colón.

Once you arrive in Panama you are close to knowing your favorite place. There are two ways to get to Contadora Island, I will describe them below.

On charter flight

Through a contract with a private aircraft   you have the opportunity to travel with a high level of comfort.

One of its advantages is that your trip will be super fast (in just 20 minutes you will arrive at Contadora).

The aerial view is unforgettable , you can enjoy the Gulf of Panama and its wonderful islands.

You will enjoy preferential attention before and during the flight time.

You must take into account that this travel option, because it has all these comforts, has a higher cost than other alternatives .

By ferry       

This is a means of transport that can also take you to Contadora Island and therefore to Playa Cacique , taking the forecasts regarding departure times, return and conditions of use.

The cost of the ticket is less than the reservation in a private aircraft, (approximately $90 round trip).

If you are a lover of the seascape, you will have the opportunity to delight your eyes with its exciting beauty.

Once you are on Contadora Island you will not find public transport or cars to get to Playa Cacique.

The option that exists is the rental of golf carts that can take you to your preferred destination.

Passing through the town of Portobelo about 20km away, through paths of stone streets when observing cobblestones, the church and a beautiful picturesque town, you finally come across Playa Cacique.

Natural attractions of the beach

Playa Cacique has some very special characteristics… it is one of the best on the island and is used as a point of reference to visit other beaches such as Isla Mamey, Playa Larga, Los Monos, among others.

Being relatively close to Panama City, you can come and go in the same day.

In the following lines I will let you know its main beauties:

  • Cacique Beach is one of the 13 beaches on the island that is identified by its natural environment. It inspires security and a unique tranquility.
  • Its spaces are full of exuberant vegetation, leafy trees, heliconia flowers, prickly cedars, beautiful palm trees, soft white sand, among others.
  •  The ocean surprises you with its totally clear blue water that just by looking at it impacts your whole being. Needless to say, when you immerse yourself in it, it is as if it frees you from all stress.
  • The sea has a large number of marine animals such as different types of fish, dolphins, whales, among others. Ideal for snorkeling to your liking.
  • One of the most fascinating experiences is to watch the sunset, the setting of the sun and see how the ultraviolet rays make a contrast with all its space… it has no comparison.
  • The poor lighting at night makes you marvel at a starry universe that falls in love.
  • On weekends, the inhabitants of the town carry out their cultural activities, dances and congos, which are quite a spectacle.

If you are looking for a place to relax and find the peace you need , Playa Cacique is the right place. A totally natural, pure and ideal paradise to find yourself.

Services offered by the beach

When it comes to relaxing and resting, Playa Cacique offers you the following hotels:

  • Villa Betel, located in the Pueblo Cacique and identified with its regional culture, has a house under the Congo with a view of the sea, beautiful rooms at affordable prices.
  • March Oro near the sea with a beautiful view and his attentions are incredible.
  • Romantic villa, has a restaurant, bar included and super elegant.

On the other hand, you can not miss enjoying the boat service , they make the tour of the different islands, it has food and drinks included.

With regard to gastronomy, the town offers you various typical dishes, including some super delicious Kebabs with potatoes that you cannot miss.

Around the beach they sell some pina coladas with a spectacular flavor that refresh you and leave you totally hooked.

Were you fascinated with this natural space? I am pleased to offer you all these tips. Do not miss the opportunity to live them fully.

I am Mariana Magi and I showed you in detail the wonders of Playa Cacique Contadora Island … I hope comments about your visit.

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