Long beach on Contadora Island. Choose your next destination

Do you want to spend some great days at the beach and have doubts about the most ideal place?¬†Don’t worry…¬†Long Beach on Contadora Island¬†is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Through this tourist guide that I have prepared for you, you will be able to know the details and clear your doubts about this magical place.

But first it is important to introduce myself…

My name is Mariana Magi (and for you I am Nana) . Next I will show you the wonders and unforgettable experiences that you can live in Playa Larga Isla Contadora.

Ready to start?… follow me on this fantastic tour.

Important recommendations before making your trip

If you come from another country you should not forget the following requirements :

  • Apart from having your one-way ticket, it is also essential that you buy the return or continuation of your trip… They will ask you for it at the airport.
  • Your passport must be valid.
  • Get your economic solvency according to the time and the activities that you will carry out in the country.
  • Another fundamental requirement is your tourist visa in the event that your stay in the country only has a tourist interest.

Apart from these requirements, do not leave sunscreen and a hat that protects you from the sun.

It is worth including water shoes in your purchases to prevent incidents with marine animals.

The best time to visit the island is between the months of January to approximately the end of March depending on the weather.

How exciting you are about to start your journey!

How to go to Playa Larga Isla Contadora

Playa Larga is an ideal place to fully enjoy its location relatively close to Panama City . You can come and go the same day.

This beach is the one that welcomes you to Contadora Island, if you come by ferry it is precisely here where you disembark.

When you arrive in Panama, you are very close to reaching this paradisiacal place. You have two options to go to Contadora Island , in the next lines I describe them:

On a charter flight

This option offers you the opportunity to make your trip super comfortable with special attention.

Hiring a private aircraft you can get to Contadora Island in just 20 minutes.

The aerial view of the entire trip is a spectacular experience, despite the short time it takes you can see the archipelago of pearls made up of the different islands.

on the ferry

Many tourists use this means of transport because it is cheaper despite not having access to the same amenities as on a charter flight.

The ferry takes you directly to Playa Larga from Panama City. You just have to keep in mind that the departure time is at 6:30am and its return at 2:15pm.

Approximately in an hour and a half you will reach Playa Larga Contadora. You have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful marine spectacle that will impress you from the first moment.

You already know the ways to be in this splendid place, choose the option that you like the most and start the trip of your dreams.

The wonders of long beach

All of Contadora’s beaches are beautiful, however Playa Larga is the largest on the island.¬†It is defined by many visitors as the most beautiful, then I will tell you about its main beauties:

  • The sea water has a turquoise color that together with the sun’s rays make an unforgettable color contrast.
  • Because you have enough space, you can walk along the shore enjoying its natural breeze and the soft white sand.
  • Its surroundings are identified by exuberant vegetation with flowers of different types, leafy trees, beautiful palm trees, among others.
  • You also have the opportunity to enjoy its fauna, different types of wild animals including: squirrels, iguanas, monkeys, different birds, among others.
  • The ocean has various marine species, beautiful dolphins, whales, fish, among others.
  • You can feast your eyes on the ruins of the hotel and an old abandoned ferry that give the beach its historical character.¬†Creating an atmosphere of mystery and suspense that excites.

Activities to enjoy

Boat ride through the other Contadora Islands, discovering magical natural places such as the Pearl Archipelago. Characterized by virgin islands with beautiful landscapes that will impact you.

As it is a beach with calm and crystal clear waters, you can snorkel or dive to explore its depths, enjoying its species and impressive colors.

Between the months of July and October, tours are organized to observe the beautiful whales , a unique spectacle that you cannot miss.

Organize picnic under the beautiful shadows of the leafy trees overlooking the ocean.

When exploring the ruins of the hotel you find a staircase that takes you to a very high part that allows you to get a general view of the entire beach.

Services near the beach

The beach has excellent¬†services to sleep, eat and relax¬†that will allow you to feel more comfortable and safe, let’s see them…

  • Beach Club counter and across the beach front, has an elegant pool with crystal clear water, moments of relaxation on the terrace.¬†Ideal for the whole family.
  • Resort residential complex with spacious rooms and preferential service.
  • Romantic villa hotel excellent choice of rooms and bar included.
  • Hotel Perla Real Inn at affordable prices.
  • There are restaurants where they sell both typical food from the region and various menus tailored to your palate:

I would like to continue accompanying you on this adventure, there are still many more attractions on the beach to be described. Without a doubt, this is the best decision you can make to enjoy yourself.

I am Mariana Magi and I invite you to be part of this great adventure of¬†Playa Larga in Isla Contadora.¬†When are you coming?¬†I await your comments…

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