Charter Flights in Panama: A Personalized Experience

Sky Ride gives you the opportunity to experience a convenient and practical flying experience by travelling on a charter plane. You can enjoy the confort and privacy that this type of service offers!

The experience of a private charter flight is completely personalized. You can completely customize your flight, from the destination, time and date of your trip, to the aircraft you like the most.

Choose to travel in style and make your reservation!

What Is A Charter Flight?

A charter is a private flight, booked and planned specifically for one or more passengers. The experience is quite different from that of a commercial flight.

Commercial flights have a very rigid and predetermined schedule. Booking a private charter flight gives you much more flexibility, as it adapts to your needs. In other words, you can choose the schedule you prefer.

You can book and pay for a full flight, or you can also pay only for your seat in the “shared flights” mode where other users can join your trip and the cost is divided among all passengers.

In every charter flight, safety for our passengers is paramount. At Sky Ride, our fleet is duly certified for commercial purposes. In this way, we guarantee the safety and well-being of all passengers.

Why Should You Choose A Charter Flight?

Personalized Experience

A private charter flight is a customized experience. You choose the date and time of departure. In addition, you can decide not only the departure and destination locations, but also whether you will make any stopovers along the way.

Avoid Crowds And Check-In Lines

Privacy and efficiency are two of the main advantages of charter. Our flights depart from a private base, separate from the crowds of commercial flights. In addition, according to the service you hire, you can have access to other amenities such as a VIP lounge with drinks and WiFi connectivity.

Premium Service

A private charter flight usually offers a premium service with all the amenities. We are talking about personalized menu, movie selection, WiFi, air conditioning and more. At Sky Ride we make sure that every charter flight is tailored to our passengers’ needs.

How To Make A Reservation

To book a charter flight, follow the steps below:

Log in to Sky Ride to make your reservation. If you do not have an account, create one. The registration process is very simple.
Go to our home page and look for the booking form.
In the “private charter” tab, select the origin and destination locations and the date you wish to travel. Click on “Book”.

Explore the available aircraft, prices, and choose the one you prefer. Click on “Book”.

Read carefully the details of the aircraft and the cancellation policy.
In the form, define the departure time, the number of adults and children passengers and the number of pets (if applicable). Click on “Book”.
Complete the booking process and make the payment.

With these simple steps, you are all set for a unique flight experience! Have a great trip!

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